¡Watch out! Rats have flooded in the city. They are everywhere: they come out from the gutter and the containers, they are in the streets… They are not hiding any more and now they’re huge!

They are ruling the city and there’s no solution that can be taken. There is only one person in the world that can take this hilarious plague away, a flautist coming from far, far away.

There are different rats; one of them is very cute and fun, another one is fat and moves slowly, another one seems to be very happy and the last one is a little bit mean. All of them are messing around an playing with the people.

The rats are running down the streets until the flautist -on stilts- arrives playing his music and looking for them. Rats start following the flautist but they find some distractions along the way…

Best street theater show – Fira Titelles 2015

Pictures “Rats!”