“Cacos” The Funny Thieves

The most unknown thieves in the prison have eloped determined to strike a great blow that they want to share with the whole city. They’ve taken a mysterious safe that they’ll open anyway. These crooks try to steal everything, but they just get the laughs out of passersby.

They try to steal, but they only do comedy!

“Cacos” come to make us laugh at our fears and to be aware of the value we give to material things.

Thieves that are clowns. Or maybe clowns being thieves? Anyway, they are here to steal the most adventurous laughs!


Collective creation
Cast: Jordi Pedrós, Cristina Garcia, Aitana Giralt, Erik Varea.
Design and construction: Jordi Miquel
Costumes: Goretti Herrero
Duration: 60 minuts (adaptable)

Street theatre and clown.

Technical requirements

Dress room
Parking lot

There’s no technical needs.


Where we’ve been

Les Noëls Insolites de Carpentràs (FRA), Festival del Bandoler de Castellserà (CAT), Les Jeudis de Perpignan (FRA).

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