On the way to school

Three sisters, one daily trip and one goal: to take their futur in their own hands. The extraordinary story of three sisters who daily face obstacles and dangers to get to school.

A suggestive, visual and text-free show that is inspired by real stories of children around the world. Autonomous and capable children, eager to learn and change their world.

The extraordinary story of three sisters who overcome all barriers


Directed by Rosa Díaz ( La Rous Teatro)
Created by: Rosa Díaz, Jordi Farrés and Campi qui pugui
Original soundtrack: Pascal Gaigne
Set design: Joan Pena
Show time duration: 55 minuts
Recommended from 5 years old

Technical requirements

Indoor show
Stage section 8 meters wide x 6 meters deep.
Technical contact: Marc +34 677 232 243


Where we’ve been

SAT Teatre, Barcelona (Spain)

Premiere canceled cause of Covid-19  crisis. The premiere had to be in festival Mostra Igualada, March 2020.

Performances closed before the premiere, moved cause of Covid-19:

La Sala Miguel Hernandez, Sabadell (Spain).

Teatro Municipal del Escorxador, Lleida (Spain).

Teatre Ateneu, Tàrrega (Spain).

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