The emergency team comes out to the streets to take care of the population in need of a surgery. If you need assistance… you’d better NOT call them!

They will bring on the first male labour, operate on a couple of singing lungs, transplant a talking brain… Looks like a never-ending delirium!

3 emergency surgeons willing to make you forget about all the pains


Direction: Greta Sisques
Cast: Jordi Pedrós Miquel, Cristina Garcia Martínez, Marc Cartanyà Pena
Design and construction: Joan Pena – Plancton Escena
Costumes: Goretti Herrero
Duration: 60 minutes

Technical requirements

Dress room
Parking lot
No stairs along the route. Ideally wide streets, squares or pedestrian areas


Where we’ve been

Festivals in France, Italy, Andorra and Spain.

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