Tin Soldiers

These tin soldiers are looking for the ballerina all around the world. The thing is… sometimes they forget about it!

The toys do not have brain, but they do have an enormous heart. They are made of lead but, still, they are sensitive and just want to play.

Although they are made of lead, they are cute and just want to play


Direction: Jordi Pedrós
Cast: Jordi Pedrós, Cristina Garcia, Aitana Giralt, Saray González, Marc Cartanyà, Alícia Buil, Erik Varea, Eloi Ponce.
Design and construction: Joan Pena – Plancton Escena
Costumes: Goretti Herrero
Duration: 60 minutes

This show is designed for parades, to amuse the audience in an open space or during events. The duration of the show is flexible.

Technical requirements

Dress room

Parking lot


Where we’ve been

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